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2018, RayOptek again debut OFC exhibition

2018, RayOptek again debut OFC exhibition


2018.3,  OFC comes once a year as usual, as well as its popularity in the  industry. The exhibitors over the world come together, with their new  product which can mostly show their strength and power. “Data Center” “Silicon Photonics” is still the hottest topic in the exhibition.

Under  the impact of the rapid growing in the market of data center, the  volume of optic modules has almost been equal to that in the telecom  market. According to the market data, the volume of the 100G optical  transceiver in data center will jump from 350w to 750w. And the trend of  the technology solution in 100G transceiver has transferred from half  CWDM4,half PSM4 to CWDM4 exclusively. With the incoming of 5G and  growing demand of band width in the hyperscale data center, the industry  starve for higher speed transceivers to lower the cost in band width,  and this bring more opportunity and more challenge for the transceiver  companies.

RayOptek  take the full series of 100G QSFP28 products this year in OFC,  including SR4, ER4, CWDM4, PSM4, LR4 and so on. Although many foreign  manufacturers displayed 400G products, we also got many customers’ attention  by our real technical strength and core product, and many foreign  agency came to RayOptek for the cooperation. This convince that we must  insist on developing by the technology,and surviving on the quality.

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