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by:Rayoptek     2020-12-10

Access Point (AP)

As the name suggests access point (AP) permits connectivity between the wireless user or wireless component devices and the wired network. The access point takes wireless data packets from a user and converts them to standard Ethernet data frames before transmitting the wired network. Standard group 5 twisted pair electric wiring will connect the access point Ethernet port with a catalyst button Ethernet port. The highest distance between network switch and access point is 100 m standard with Ethernet design.

Power Patch Panel

Cisco inline power patch panels can be organized where Ethernet switches do not support power over power injectors and Ethernet are not an option. The power patch panel does no switching. It powers the devices during a Cat 5 wire that is a highest 300 feet at a particular rated wattage/port. The power patch panel joins the AP to the wired switch through a patch cable.

Power Injector

Cisco access points have a several variety of power option like power injectors, AC adapters and power over Ethernet. The assignment of access point is such that in a few situations an AC power outlet is not obtainable. Shouldn't the Ethernet switch hold power over Ethernet, an option like power injectors extends the distance from an AC outlet? Distances of 1.25 miles are available through a fiber-optic media converter.

WLAN Controllers

Wireless network designs with hundreds of root access points on an enterprise network will sometimes arrange wireless LAN (Local Area Network) controllers. The design specifies light weight access points linking to a network switch. The WLAN controller 4404 device acts like a hub connecting four network switches supporting hundred access points. Cisco WCS (Wireless Control System) wireless network organization software is sometimes deployed through the WLAN controller design for optimizing, planning and configuring the network.

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