A GBIC transceiver is one of the many kinds of

by:Rayoptek     2020-12-12

The GBIC transceiver operates as an input and output transceiver. It efficiently gets plugged to the Gigabit Ethernet port in one end, for instance a port found on the network switching networks. At the other end, the transceiver is linked with the fiber optic network generally through the optic path cords. The equipment has features, for instance the wavelengths that it is able to handle. Other aspects here are the power that is required for operation, the speed at which it transmits data and the distance at which it can transmit the data too. These are some of the essential aspects that every user needs to weigh and consider prior to investing in a GBIC transceiver in order to be certain that it caters to the network performance needs.

There are GBIC transceiver and the Cisco SFP that offer companies with the scope to set up a Fiber Channel and Gigabit Ethernet connection easily within their network. The Gigabit Interface Convertor is the standard for transceivers that plugs into Gigabit Ethernet and links to a fiber optic network. However, the SFP is for small form factor pluggable transceiver.

GBIC transceivers are considered perfect for any interconnections over the Gigabit Ethernet centers and for switches environment. The converters are practically designed for high performance and ongoing interactions that require gigabit or fiber channel interconnections. Some of the features of these transceivers are listed below-

Other essential features of a GBIC transceiver that add to the energy efficiency attempts include the aspects that the unit provides low power indulgence and releases less electromagnetic interference. Each single device is able to install and function without disturbing anything. However, the plug and play feature can at times be offset with the need to separate patch cords prior to it being installed or taken out. There are chances of data discrepancies and power surges that can take place. Hence it is always wise undertake safety measures in order to avert this especially in high-density networks.

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