Altera Corporation announced on April 9, the company

by:Rayoptek     2020-07-03
Google's products are no longer limited to the network virtual business and handheld devices. In addition to Shopping, Express the Google employees sent to your home life service, Google is still want to penetrate and take control of the Internet 'channel' - the broadband industry. Considering Google's plans before the high-powered Wi-Fi base station, we can see Google's business is no longer limited to OTT, but control of the port data exchange, and make your 'Broadband' into 'Google Connected'. By showing the data rate of 32-Gbps transceivers, Altera has been able to understand the performance of high-performance transceiver design on TSMC 20SoC process. The show today Altera transceiver technology will be integrated into the Fiber Optic Adapter products using the TSMC 20SoC manufacturing process. These devices support the customer design the next generation of extremely low power consumption serial links, achieve timing convergence speed, and realize the high quality of signal integrity. Altera integrated in the device has a reliable record of cutting-edge transceiver technology; the company is currently the only company in the product-level 28 nm FPGA in single silicon integrated 28 Gbps low-power transceivers. As the first 32-Gbps milestone reached in 20 nm silicon FPGA vendors, Altera further expanded its transceiver technology lead. Vince Altera company products and enterprise market vice President Hu commented: 'today's news for the industry as well as the Fiber Optic Patch Cord transceiver development team set up the important milestones. These 20 nm devices contain the key will be used in our next generation of FPGA IP components, they now passed verification, we are full of confidence to the market as planned delivery 20 nm FPGA.' Altera's next generation transceiver innovation technology can meet the system developers on a global network of high-speed transmission of large amounts of data. Compared with the previous process fiber optic converter Altera next-generation devices per channel with lower power consumption to achieve greater bandwidth, and can be connected directly 100g CPF2 light module to support higher port density.
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