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by:Rayoptek     2020-07-13
What is Verizon FiOS? Verizon FiOS is a complete home entertainment system that covers Internet, phone, and television via a super-fast fiber optic network. Classic cable services and dish don't use these fiber optic cables despite their ability to transfer data quickly with almost no degradation. Verizon was one of the very first providers for home-use fiber optic networks and this experimental attitude and thirst for expansion has made them one of the leading providers of this service. The service first started back in 2005, and has now expanded greatly since then. Voice, data, and video travel to the home along the infrared spectrum with each home having a dedicated fiber optic line. This is what blows the competition out of the water. Why Choose Verizon FiOS? There is a good reason that cable and dish companies frequently rate among the lowest in customer service surveys. They feel they have you over a barrel and your choices are limited. You've probably got dish or cable service now and odds are you're unhappy with it. They are always changing channels, raising prices, and making it increasingly more challenging to stick with them. There is a choice you can make and strike a chord for freedom by choosing Verizon FiOS. Verizon makes you feel like someone that matters and not just one of a million people harping about bad service like its competition. It's the best service around using the best technology available. It's win-win for everyone...except the cable and dish companies. Take Advantage of Packages Verizon truly wants to woo customers away from cable and dish and therefore they offer a slew of discounts and packages for people to make use of. The very best deals come from bundling products together so you get the very best savings with a phone, cable, and Internet deal, but for those that don't want all that there are other bundles available. Don't let these deals get away and visit for the newest Verizon FiOS Promo Code and get started on your entertainment package.
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