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by:Rayoptek     2020-07-08
One of the most important terms in network cable termination is 'termination'. The majority of individuals who have not required a sufficient amount of network cabling information believe that 'termination' is severing cables and disconnecting any connections. Whereas network cable termination is the act of establishing a connection through wires. Whether it be for a telephone network or a computer network, you will run the desired wires and then connect the wire to a network plug, panel, or jack. This will enable your network to receive power and to receive/transmit information. Another popular term is 'patch panel'. The majority of individuals who do wiring for businesses or offices will utilize patch panels on a daily basis due to their cleanliness and their efficiency. As one of the most important aspects to network cable termination, patch panels provide an ample amount of benefits. A patch panel enables you to direct the wires to a panel that will hide the vast majority of the wires that are connected to that panel. This will provide others in the office with the opportunity to use shorter cables to connect their computers and laptops to rather than having to run long wires throughout the entirety of the building. With efficient labelling, patch panels can be quite advantageous. Finally, there are two terms that are used throughout the industry and they are T568A and T568B. As a type of wiring that was originally developed by AT&T, T568A and T568B are two of the most popular types of wiring standards available. It is imperative to know that there are no differences (aside from colour) between these two types of wiring due to the fact that the wires remain grouped in the same way. With the vast amount of network cabling terminology, preparing yourself for the terms that you may encounter during training or on the job is important. As per the aforementioned terminology you will undoubtedly be able to utilize Network Cable Termination for Dummies easily and efficiently.
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