Asus R2E has an Intel Stealey Processor A110 and

by:Rayoptek     2020-07-09
The feature-rich R2E is packed with computing, multimedia and connectivity functions. It has a Built-in Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, Wireless LAN 802.11 b/g and an integrated 1.3 Mega Pixel high-resolution webcam offer extensive high-speed connection and wire-free video communication. The ASUS R2E is an ultra mobile PC targeted towards the frequent travelers. It supports an 800 MHz Intel processor and Windows Vista Home Premium OS. The Asus R2E is an ultraportable notebook weighing just 0.83 kg. It looks a little bulky, but looks pretty with a brushed metal finish. It supports a 7-inch touchscreen which is very average in terms of viewing angles or colors. The touch screen works fine with the stylus provided, but is not as accurate if you choose to use your fingers. The mouse click buttons are placed on the left side of the device and are large and rather clunky to use. The processor is very slow but works well for simple desktop applications like MS Office, though you can just forget about viewing high-definition video clips or run advanced applications. The Vista OS is a little sluggish, 4200 RPM 100 GB hard drive though accurate is relatively slow. An external USB keyboard is provided, the foldable keyboard is difficult to use. The keyboard quality is decent, a portable mouse has been provided and once the keypad is folded it becomes very portable. Other features included in the Asus R2E are an additional battery, speakers are weak, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity is present. It also supports a 1.3 MP webcam, fingerprint recognizer, external DVD writer, a VGA patch-cable that allows you to attach your pc with large screens. The Asus R2E gets very warm and that is not good for a portable hand held device. A stand has also been provided if you want to place it on the table. The ASUS R2E can become much more powerful with the Windows XP Edition. Windows Vista is great for handwriting and touch recognition security features. This Asus laptop is targeted towards a select audience and is meant for users who want something more than a business phone, but not as bulky as a laptop. The R2E is ideal for frequent travelers who want something more than just GPS units on your car
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