Cat5e cables are used in structured cabling for

by:Rayoptek     2020-07-09
Cat5ecables support data transmission at speeds of 100 Mbps and are recommended for connections within one hundred meters (approximately 328 feet). Enhanced Cat 5 is an 'enhancement' that supports data transmission of 1000 Mbps in Gigabit Ethernet. In this cable all four pairs of twisted copper wires are used in totality. You would get this cable in both stranded and solid varieties each having its inherent benefits. Variations of Cat5e Cables Stranded variety is better for short distance connections and ideal for movable connectivity through patch cabling. Solid Category 5 variation is more suited to fixed wiring environments such as an office building or a showroom. As compared to solid Cat5, the stranded version is more ductile and ensures a more reliable connection. Patch cables are ideally of stranded variety and used in connecting your laptops to a wall panel. However in places where IDC (insulation displacement connectors) are used, stranded variety is unreliable. The benefit of using solid Cat5 cable is its affordability and its relative advantage while using IDCs. Category 5e Patch Cable Cat5e patch cable is always invariably made from stranded variety of Category 5 cables which have superior flexibility. It could be bent with a radius of four times as its diameter. Very recently, experimentation is being done on the use of solid Category 5e cables in patch cabling. One reason for attempting patch cabling with the solid variety could be its stability. Instances of commercial production of this form of patches have also been established. Under insulation in plenum, Cat5e patch cable works trouble free up to a length of 295 feet. A great advantage of using plenum cables is that they are fire resistant. Patch cables could be used in applications that run up to a maximum of 350 MHz. Both Category 5 and Category 5 cables are available commercially in the form of rolls of up to one thousand feet. It is always advisable to use fresh cables for a new network environment. Using of used connecting wires in a new set up could result in intermittent troubles. This usually happens because of difference in stresses between the earlier and newer setups. Further, cables over time get adapted to an installation that has its own set of twists and turns. These adaptations might not suit a renewed environment. For smooth functioning of your network and systems it is better to insist on a fresh roll of Cat5e cables.
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