Cisco said today, ready to lay off 6,500 people

by:Rayoptek     2020-12-09

Cisco said in a statement, the sale is the company's efforts to streamline operations of the step, can also support Foxconn to better meet local customer needs. Cisco said: 'We will work closely to ensure stability of the transition, customers and staff will minimize the impact.'Plant in Juarez, a total of 5,000 Cisco employees, Cisco 2006, it was acquired from Scientific Atlanta come. Factory mainly produces video and communications equipment, provided to the service provider market. Cisco's strategy has changed, it will work with contract manufacturers (foundries), to provide customers with products sold consistent with the strategy.Foxconn communications and network solutions business group general manager Maike Lin (Michael Ling) said: 'The alliance with Cisco's combat readiness, we will continue to make good use of talent, technology, video and communications infrastructure, experience and broaden in the video, broadband, network, telecom infrastructure equipment in the field of vertical end to end supply chain services. 'The transaction is expected to end in October this year.

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