DNF Security offers integrated Falcon USS series

by:Rayoptek     2020-12-05

DNF Security Falcon USS 4U video storage is enabled with 12GB high speed video cache, which offers faster IO and throughputs. This whole video storage platform is protected with RAID levels 0, 1,5,6,10,50 and JOBOD, and so is fault tolerance and is highly redundant. A dual copper gigabit Ethernet connectivity port offers reliable and faster connectivity on this video storage platform. There is an integrated DVD R/W which will offer the facility to add applications via the DVD interface and also helps in enabling disc based backup.

Going into the technical specifications of Falcon USS video storage platform, there are five cooling fans, which help in keeping the temperature of platform in control. There is a redundant power supply on this platform, which offers consistent power supply to the components. Going through the evaluation about the indicators present on this platform, each LED indicator has a specific activity of notifying network activity, system overheat, power failures and hard disks activity. For LAN connectivity, there are two RJ45 ports and 1 RJ 45 IPMI port, which offer the system administrator to know the status and the working condition of the storage system. Falcon USS 4U video storage platform works in temperature ranging in between 10 degrees to 35 degrees Celsius or 50 degrees or 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Use Ip Storage Calculatorfor storage requirements.

DNF Security Falcon USS video storage platform is offered with an exclusive Dynamic Network Factory offered lifeline service support. In this lifeline support, Remote monitoring service, where the prediction of mission critical system problems is alerted to the system administrator, in order to react to identify and resolve the problems, in time and without the need for downtime. include in the lifeline service is the Flashback service, which restores the whole storage platform to the original manufactures configuration, at the time of unplanned downtime and thus offers data continuity solution. There is a lifeline called as Tamperguard, which alerts the system administrator, on improper changes of the storage and also offers mean time repair along with a lower TCO. For further details visit Video Workstation

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