Ethernet has been around for many years, but is

by:Rayoptek     2020-12-10

Ethernet over copper, the newest packet transmission technology, is quickly becoming the top choice for many businesses. This ISP solution bonds copper wire pairs for fast speeds that are very reliable, and it is also extremely cost-effective. This solution uses copper wires for transmitting the data packets over an Ethernet network.


Ethernet over copper uses five copper wire pairs to run. If a few of the pairs stop working, the rest will continue functioning. Even though the network will run a little slower if that occurs, the added advantage of not having the network completely go down makes Ethernet copper a desirable option for many small- to mid-size businesses. The reliable service ensures that they won't lose any possible profit due to a failure on their networks.

Easy Set-Up

One of the other features of Ethernet copper that makes it very desirable is its easy configuration. Its transmission standard is already in the right type of protocol to work over existing telephone wires, unlike T1 and other technologies that need an interface card to make them compatible. Almost every company already has multiple copper pair cabling that is already installed and wired for telephone service in their buildings. Those extra cablings that aren't being used for telephone service can be used for Ethernet copper connections, and all that is needed is a switch from the service provider. This is one of the reasons using Ethernet over copper is more affordable, as there are no complicated configuration requirements. It also doesn't take very long to get everything connected, so having a fast and reliable network up and running won't take as much time as installing other cabling solutions.


Ethernet over copper is a very fast and inexpensive technology. It is a fraction of the price of running over fiber cables. The cost to run a ten megabyte connection using copper wires is usually the same price as running a three megabyte connection using a T1 line. The price advantages of this technology can help businesses cut their expenses exponentially, and still allow them to have a fast and reliable network. Choosing this technology will save businesses money and also give them a connection that they can rely on for all of their Internet-based needs. It can be found almost anywhere, and is easy and quick to set up and install. This will contact you regarding your choice of service, confirm pricing, and assist with getting the service scheduled for connection.

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