Even a couple of decades before, copper cables

by:Rayoptek     2020-07-11
Optic fiber cables are radically different in many ways when compared with the copper wires; they are almost free from data loss and even easier still to maintain. But then they also cost a lot more than the traditional cables. Even though optic fiber technology came into existence a couple of decades before, not all territories are covered by a 100% optic fiber network because of the high cost involved. But nevertheless we see the switch to optic fiber taking place at an astonishing rate, because of the numerous advantages they have. They are used by companies to provide FiOS bundles like services wherein telephone, internet and TV is delivered to homes with hundreds of channels covering a wide gamut of internet speeds and not to forget the basic home phone. Internet access was initially provided by telephone companies if you remember. Speed was never a criterion in those days and the 56-kbps was considered as enough for performing most of the task. It would have remained that way but for the new applications and uses that the internet was put to. The case in point is the multimedia files that were hundreds of megabytes in size, a far cry from the gigabytes that we talk about today. Later on technological developments made it possible to transfer gigabyte-size files seamlessly paving the way for providing movies and TV channels through wires a reality. Nothing could have been more opportune for the traditional home phone companies who were under pressure from wireless service competition. For the phone companies, the optic fiber capability was a boon that they could exploit to the hilt. They began reorienting their business strategies based on the concept of one-company all-services motto. And thus was born the bundle services. Bundles can mean many things to many people. In its simplest form it can mean the three services packaged in a single bill; still for some it can mean a combination of HD, standard TV service combined with internet or/and a phone service, or even a combination and permutation of several possibilities. Whichever way, bundles will work to the advantage of the consumers if it is possible to make a fair assessment of one's needs before choosing the right one. You don't necessarily have to take all the three services to qualify for a bundle offer. There are also some combinations that can be beneficial to you; phone + internet, internet + TV, or TV + phone, and of course the big saver; phone + internet + TV. Some companies will even let you make your bundle online and get a quote. Most often they will have them readymade for you. And it's always prudent to choose a readymade bundle rather than end up with something that you don't need. Finally within each bundle you will also have a wide array of options like on-demand and pay-per-view that utilize the cable networks capability to interact unlike in an across the air services.
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