Fire, air, earth and water were four elements

by:Rayoptek     2020-07-11
Swimming pool lights can look incredible, provide safety and security but also create an invitation for night time swimming - that equals fun 24/7; I knew you'd be impressed Empedocles. Balance is still paramount when lighting your pool via an artificial means but this can be accomplished quite effectively. One thing is for sure, options are aplenty. Let's lay them out: in ground and above ground pool lights can come in a variety of technology like fiber optics, LED lighting and traditional incandescent. In addition to pool lighting, fountain lights and landscape lights can add much appreciated ambiance. To touch on a few popular options, incandescent or halogen light bulb technology is standardly used within the pool so swimmers can see under the water at night - these bulbs are bright! Very effective, yes, but that also means the glare coming from within the water (or above) can be bothersome from the decking or even the house. If this is the situation, fiber optics may be an ideal choice. Fiber optic lighting will provide a soothing feel for your swimming pool. The technology works as such: the fiber optic cable can be attached around the border of the inside of the pool, the steps inside the pool or completely submerged at the bottom to create a relaxing glow. The light comes from one source to illuminate the cable (although if you use multiple light sources one can create a changing affect). Since the light source is emitted from a light box outside of the pool (thus no electricity entering the pool) many believe it's a safer technology than standard lighting. There we have it; we've gone from Empedocles' cosmogenic theory to enhancing the ambiance and safety of your pool. Your family will love you and your friends will adore you because what you have afforded them is nighttime fun!
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