Given the speed with which new technology enters

by:Rayoptek     2020-07-11
Of course the arrival of a new technology and its emphatic entry into our lives may not be simultaneous. It can in fact be years apart. And that is true for fiber optics as well. Fiber optics has been around for a while now and even in the communications industry it has been many years. But some of the services in that industry are only now seeing the switch for the copper wire based technology of the old times to the hybrid fiber optics technology that is state of the art today. In hybrid technology the last mile connectivity is provided using a co-axial cable and the larger distances are covered with a fiber optic cable. So what makes fiber optics so special. Well fiber optic cables can carry a large amount of data across large distances and since the data is digitized there is no loss of quality. This means you get high quality connectivity at a low cost. So if a business launches a phone service based on this technology then you will get crystal clear voice quality and the cost per call will be very small. So if you are looking for a phone service in San Antonio then it makes sense to opt for one that employs a hybrid fiber optics technology. Often you will find such high tech offerings have bundles and you can get high speed internet in San Antonio along with the phone service. You can know more about a state of the art phone service at
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