How many new products are launched under branded cisco 10g sfp ?
Wuhan Rayoptek Co.,Ltd stands out among the brands in the global markets with our fines-quality products, including cisco 10g sfp . They are reliable in functionality and durable in useability. They receive much attention on their application values in different industries together with the premium performances. In recent years, we start to develop products that are endowed with our brand culture and characteristics. We tend to launch different product portfolio to the markets to provide more choice for customers. Our brand is surely dominating the markets in a steady manner.

Rayoptek has an extremely large market share in fiber cable using its exceptional quality and competitive cost. Rayoptek's patch cable series include multiple types. The tests for Rayoptek qsfp 40g lr4 have been conducted. It has been tested in terms of flexibility, durability, accuracy, tolerances, fatigue resistance, etc. The product is especially suitable for transmission distance reaching above 15 meters. This product is environmentally friendly. Being energy efficient, it is less likely to increase energy costs or cause environmental impact. With a small bend radius, it's easy to install.

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