How many years of experience does Rayoptek have in producing cisco sfp modules ?
Sfp module has been exquisitely made by Wuhan Rayoptek Co.,Ltd for several years. We have obtained mature and state-of-art techniques through research and development for these years and they prove to be applicable and feasible to improve the product performances such as long-term usability, reliability, and practicability. We also do better in servicing providing as we have encountered numerous problems related to goods shipment, warranty, customization and so on. Now, we are known as the most experienced manufacturer in the global markets by our customers.

Rayoptek is an expert maker of qsfp product. Rayoptek's fiber cable series include multiple types. A series of inspections for Rayoptek sfp connector will be carried out, mainly including stress corrosion cracking, fatigue failure analysis, surface roughness, dimension accuracy, anti-corrosion performance, and so on. The use of this product makes the data center more reliable and stable. It's the exclusive design of the brand, so customers won't see it anywhere else. It's the finishing touch of any bedroom decoration, and the perfect place for users to rest. This product is distinguished by low interconnection loss.

our team is determined to have a foothold in the 1000base lx sfp market. Get price!
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