Human resources management is a very important

by:Rayoptek     2020-07-04
SAP HR module is going to allow you to attract work force towards the company and to keep it there. It makes possible retrieving any information about human resources in the blink of an eye. This way the mangers can instantly find out data about job profiles and job responsibilities. There is a clear difference between task, job, position and person and this helps managing information a lot. The recruitment process is also simplified a lot by using the SAP HR module because the structure of the company, the openings and the uncovered needs in what concerns work force are more visible. Employment history and personal data of the employees are available with just a few clicks. Besides this, the SAP HR module also helps in evaluating the employees' performance and in determining their income. Salaries, bonuses, sick pay or vacation allowances, as well as travel pay and other material benefits are being kept under control and changes can be made with easiness and can be also made known to all interested parties. SAP HR module comes with time management tools which enable managing payrolls, bonuses, overtime, sick leave and vacations. Travel management is also of high importance, especially in multi location companies. It is also beneficial for big sales team. SAP HR module simplifies dealing with travel information, the approval of travel requests and other details like reservations and payment for those on business trip. The training and development module enables the management to anticipate the employees' need for training and to encourage career development. This module also helps in replacing employees in key positions easier. Read about Customization of ERP Software. Also read about ERP Project Management. Read information about Future of ERP.
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