If you already have a fiber broadband, the reasons

by:Rayoptek     2020-07-10
1. No compromise on speed A fiber broadband internet makes use of fiber optic cables. It is a cable made up of thin, hairlike strands made of glass where light is bounced at super fast speeds. Unlike a telephone wire made of copper, an internet connection via fiber optic cables do not get slower even as you move farther away from the source. You get your quoted speed without hassles and interruptions. Physics would say that there is nothing more faster than the speed of light, and with fiber broadband's reliance on light for its data transmission, no internet connection can be faster with it. There are no compromises on the speed, which means there is nothing that can delay or be a source of inconvenience to your online activities. 2. Fast uploads and downloads regardless of the file size One of the reasons why a fast internet connection is transitioning from a luxury to a blatant necessity is due to the unlimited activities you can do while you are online. You can work, stay connected via social media, upload documents and download even the heftiest of data such as a whole music album, a TV show or a 2-hour HD movie with ease. Although your fiber internet can still be affected by the number of users online, the processor that you have in your computer and the traffic volume connected to the general internet, going for fiber still puts you at a great advantage over a cable or a DSL connection. 3. It can make life easier - digitally speaking It's hard to look for people who can outright admit that they rely on an internet connection in more ways than they could imagine. With the ubiquity of the internet and the different activities or even chores that you can do with it, it allows anyone the convenience of performing these roles with more energy and more money saved. Responsibilities such as managing bank finances, paying utility bills, accessing credit card information and even shopping for clothes can be done more fluidly with a steady internet connection. Even in workplaces, work gets totally interrupted once a glitch in the IT system occurs. Just as it can speed up and make daily processes and our communication with the outside world more efficient, it can also do the opposite once it goes down even for just a minute. With a fiber broadband internet, there are hardly any interruptions and latency issues to deal with. In the 21st century where time is the currency, it is important to always get any job done right at the fastest time possible. With technologies and improvements in various internet infrastructures, it is not smart to be constrained by a slow internet connection if you can have it better and faster. With a fiber broadband internet becoming more commonly available today, there is no doubt that it is truly becoming the more preferred connection among other broadband connections in the market.
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