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Wuhan Rayoptek Co.,Ltd.

Being established in 2011, Wuhan Rayoptek Co.,Ltd is one of the most professional High-speed optical transceiver manufacturers located in Wuhan, China.

We are constantly engaged in R&D activities towards packaging, self-design automatic testing and producing platform for bringing innovative products blend with the latest technology.

We devote ourselves to ensure each POD (point of delivery)implemented in multi-brand network solutions unobstructed. As a young blood flowing in the optical communications vessel, we regard third part transceivers as our market segment.

All products designing is around how to break through the limitation of multi-vendor equipment connectivity issue and non-standard transmission distance. By using Rayoptek‘s products, we expect that our customers feels technical care more than technical standard.


Technical-driven development is the foundation of Rayoptek. As of today, we have more than 17 intellectual property in hand. Being credited to our own technical skills, Rayotek can be easily distinguished from other brands, on account of more reasonable price and faster delivery time.
Independently tested for interoperability with most major equipment manufacturers, our high- speed interconnects are tested above industry standards to ensure high performance, cost-effective, quality assemblies for today’s direct attach equipment connections.
As a common rule, manufacturer could reduce added value unnecessary if they know how to jump out from the limitation of upstream. By using COB, we free out from TOSA&ROSA, which are the most important component needed to purchase from other vendors, and start production from bare chip (the raw material). Thus that, the price from Rayoptek is more reasonable than other companies, the lead time is less than other companies, because we do not need to wait the reaction from upstream.


From the very beginning until now, our mission is to provide our customers with the most thoroughly tested, highest-quality compatible optics on the market. While we pride ourselves on offering extermly competitive prices, often at a fraction of brand named products, it is our commitment to quality that sets us apart.
we constantly searching the balance point between value and price. Each Rayopteker sincerely believe that high-tech achievement can be reached by low-cost method; Third-part transceiver is the future of multi-vendor hardware network construction.


Conforming the sources, taking advantage of the technology, adhering the concept of pragmatism and innovation, insisting on “quality first, customer satisfied”, RayOptek try to supply to the customer world around with the most advantaged and long competitiveness products and services, stepping forward together.