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Payment: T/T

Place of Origin: China

Brand: Rayoptek

Delivery time: 1-7 working days

Start Port: China

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Product Features

• Four-channel full-duplex transceiver modules

• Transmission data rate up to 26Gbit/s per channel

• Up to 2km transmission of single mode fiber with FEC

• Low power consumption <3.5W

• Operating case temperature: 0 to 70℃

• 3.3V power supply voltage

• Hot Pluggable QSFP form factor

• RoHS 6 compliant

• LC connector receptacle

• Built-in digital diagnostic function

Product Application

• 100G Ethernet

• Proprietary High Speed Interconnections 

• Data center

• 100G CWDM4 application with FEC

• Reach: 2km 

• Tx: DFB

• wavelength: 1270-1330   dual LC 

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