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RayOptek Will Take Part In ECOC of 2019 !


The  45 th European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC 2019) will be  held in Dublin on the east coast of Ireland from September 23 to 25,  2019.


The  European Optical Fiber Communication Exhibition is the largest optical  fiber communication exhibition in Europe and one of the most famous and  long-term activities in the field. It has an absolute influence in the  optical communications industry in Europe.The European Optical Fiber  Communication Exhibition has become a must-have event for people active  in optoelectronic communication related industries on the European  continent, attracting many manufacturers, suppliers and distributors  from the optoelectronic communication industry from all over the world.


With  the concept of pragmatic innovation, Rui is committed to the R&D  and production of high-speed optical communication devices and module  products with low power consumption and low cost, and will bring the  latest products to show our products at the exhibition site.


Welcome customers to the booth to visit the experience.


The information on the exhibition:

Exhibition Address:Dublin on the east coast of Ireland

Booth :No.2

Exhibition time : 2019.9.23 to 2019.9.25

ECOC official website: http://www.ecocexhibition.com/conference

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