Is installation service provided for sfp module ?
Wuhan Rayoptek Co.,Ltd is not only a manufacturing company specialized in the production of sfp module but also a service-oriented company covering a wide range of services including pre-sales service, in-sales service, and after-sales service. Generally, the product will be offered with an exquisitely printed installation manual. This manual in English tells you how to install the product step by step. If customers prefer to be guided in a spoken way, then we suggest that you can call us or give us a video call, and we will arrange professional installers to talk with you and help install the products.

Rayoptek is a professional manufacturer of sfp port. Rayoptek's fiber cable series include multiple types. Before delivery, the mechanical parts of Rayoptek sfp connector has been tested. These parts include gears, bearings, fasteners, springs, seals, couplings, and so forth. Being thin and flexible, it is routed through walls much easier. This product makes a huge difference in comfort at night. It is ideal for anyone who may suffer from mild insomnia. The product has customizable compatibility on both ends.

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