Most who are beginners in computer networking

by:Rayoptek     2020-12-06

Like most folks acquainted with network technology, you understand that you're going to require a router that performs at optimal levels to guarantee that your network has a truly uninterrupted connection to the Internet. In many instances, whether you're a one-person home-based company or a worldwide corporation with offices in a variety of countries, it's imperative that you be hooked into the Internet every day and night, without fail.

If your network is going to comply with those sorts of demands you must think carefully about opting for the right kind of router that will best fulfill your needs. Ask yourself if the features that you suppose are important are really the ones that will do your business the largest amount of good, and why you hold these opinions.

You're no doubt most concerned with maintaining clean connections among all of the computers in your network as well as reliable Internet hook-ups, but security software must also be maintained. Ports and outlets are top examples of components that you should consider when you are assessing whether or not the router you're reviewing will work for you. Typically, you find a handful of Ethernet ports and a single wide area network port on the lion's share of routers you'll see.

With that limited number of Ethernet ports, the greatest number of computers you can hook in to the router is four at a time. Besides Ethernet ports, there are other means of connecting machines to your network router.

One solution you may try if you're interested in linking more computers to your network is to connect an external switch to one of the router ports. File exchanges and network communication will be available to larger quantities of users because the external switch, when connected to the router, will offer a greater number of Ethernet ports that you can plug computers into.

Although it may not be your highest priority, you'll do well to scrutinize the kind of optical transceivers any piece of equipment you intend to purchase uses, because transceivers can play a decisive role in network speed. Tiny in stature, Cisco SFP modules are the small form-factor pluggable (SFP) modules often employed on gigabit Ethernet networks.

Compile the facts that you'll need to make a good decision about hardware purchases, and you will reap the benefits of your good choices for a long time to come.

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