New age technology has paved way for an exciting

by:Rayoptek     2020-07-11
The pioneers in the display market have reached their peak of giving the world the super-good displays and projectors. LCD and Plasma TVs are capable of bringing lifelike images to you and the home audio systems have made it possible to have a theater-like setup. LED and smart TVs have started emerging and soon the technology will wow the audience with another new invention. But now it's up to the cable TV broadcasting systems to prep themselves up to entertain the audience with all high definition content all at normal price. Initially, it might look a little challenging, but was it not challenging when TV first came into the picture? To discuss in detail, we need to list out some of the factors affecting the implementation of all-high definition transmission. Be it internet or TV or radio, the bandwidth allocated to specific channels plays an important role in the final result. When we talk about all HD channels, there is a possibility that the required bandwidth can increase a little more than what it is now. But this is not really an issue when it comes to fiber optics. The real challenge lies in the way the transponders work from both ends, sending and receiving. Optimized software and hardware that could help both ways in giving the great picture quality and surround sound that anyone would want to experience at home. Now there are some variations in fiber optic transmission; either they are all fiber-optic or partially fiber-optic. Partially fiber optic transmission systems have a mix of coaxial and optical cables, whereas fully fiber-optic systems like FiOS TV have optical cables running straight into your home. Over a period of time, this technology could potentially revolutionize the home entertainment arena, where having all channels in HD and multi-channel audio straight from your TV. There are already some signs that we might have huge investments in the field of electronics and semiconductors, where huge amount of money is being invested in nanotechnology. Entertainment will not be like the normal 'sitting-on-the-couch-watching-tv' any more. It would be really flexible and versatile where one can enjoy watching TV wherever they are. The integration with the wireless networking is already working wonders and we can expect more advancement in this field. At this point in time, it may be a little hard to imagine some concepts such your favorite programs from start till end whenever you want to watch without having to record it anywhere. Which means you get a list of your favorite programs whenever you switch on the TV; just select the program that you like and watch it from start till end. The best part is it becomes a lot easier for channels to account for your subscription since you only watch a limited set of programs. Farfetched as it may sound, it is good to have a cable TV setup where you pay only for what you watch and watch only what you like. Looking at it from a macro level, from monochrome displays, color monitors, CRT to LED, the time it has taken for us to improve the technology has been really fast, to say the least. In no time, we will be watching all channels in HD and surround sound. Or else, we would have found an alternative, wouldn't we?
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