No one ever argues against having a cable TV because

by:Rayoptek     2020-07-10
The latest cable technology The technology which lies behind the cable TV has changed very much during the last decade. In the 1950's the service was provided with basic coaxial cables and with only a handful of channels. But today the latest fiber optic technology came into being and that too with multichannel and high definition facilities. It is true that digital TV offers you very great benefits and the cable industry do face a lot of competition. But there still lie many benefits that cable TV offers us today. The antenna will become history When you opt for a cable TV you do not have to go through with the hassle of having an antenna or a satellite dish at your home. Having an antenna or a satellite dish which protrudes from your roof or walls would completely change the look of your house. The cable TV service will be directly connected to your TV without any manual installations or any dish or antenna. The service extras Most cable TV providers of today offer enhanced extras to their viewers in forms of telephone, internet etc. One single optical fiber cable is enough to bring into your home TV, internet and the phone. There are satellite TV service companies who offer the additional extras such as internet and the telephone, but the disadvantage is that you would have to have an extra landline connection from your local telephone provider apart from the satellite dish. In the rural areas of the US, there are satellite internet connections but to avail this service it would cost a fortune. The wide choice of channels The latest technology in the cable TV, the optical fiber cable, is well equipped to carry many high definition channels. The cable TV service also provides with the viewing of many local and special interest channels. Satellite TV also does offer a lot of channels but the most number of channels are provided via the cable TV service. A little adult viewing Both cable TV and satellite services are allowed with the rights to broadcast adult material to a certain extent. The FCC body (federal communication commission) does regulate adult content to be aired through satellite service. The equipment and installation Cable TV does have a bigger edge over satellite TV because you wouldn't need any equipment to operate it. The only equipment that you would need is the television. Satellite service needs to have a non-obstructive view of the sky and that too mainly the southern sky. Availing a satellite TV would require paying a certain amount upfront and also the extra installation charges.
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