No one knows the fact that the first telephone

by:Rayoptek     2020-07-12
This invention, probably does not have gathered a lot of attention, which Bell said the low expectations, but it was the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia, where the Brazilian Emperor Dom Pedro de Alcantara drew attention to this rather interesting artificial invention. He could not help but be surprised bell deep creativity, which is reflected in his work phone. In the early days, the phone was only seen as a life of luxury, not a commodity. He only gained more popularity, the essential medium of communication at a time when many companies and government agencies began to use it. During the 1880's, when it was introduced by metal chains, they took long-distance communication. However, a decade, its use remained limited to a certain class who could afford to pay the heavy cost of the phone. By 1890, with the emergence of party line, it became convenient for people living in rural areas, in particular the split line, a lot of expenses. Prior to 1891, calls for the exchange operators, but until a new system of direct collection system. Then the issue is best to use the phone in 1927, when the first transatlantic radio telephone support. It was all over the First and Second World War, when the phone is guaranteed by the Department of Defense secure connections over high costs, has gone through a significant period of development, all thanks. Progress in this series was also the first mobile system that can easily be connected mobile vehicle radio telephone building. 60's era, have been introduced to facilitate the collection of the transatlantic cables for international calls. However, most phones in shifts to see the history was in 1962 when it was launched in the first Telstar satellite phone. Telstar joint venture between Bell and NASA ba more advanced form of communication. This paved road through the geosynchronous orbit satellites revolving be used for long distance calls directly without using a cable line, not to mention the victims of multiple cable damage and repair pain. Fiber optic cable was first introduced in 1977. The mid-80s, fiber optic cable takes precedence over other modes of transport telephone transmission, which could facilitate a larger number of calls for less interference compared to its predecessor methods. It can transmit information faster and farther in areas strongly opposed to any failure, especially lightning strikes. In short, it offers several advantages and safer than other modes of transport. On the benefits of these fiber optic cables, also began to be used on computers. After the U.S. government relaxed, AT & T telephone service, met face strong competition from MCI, Sprint and many other local companies. This paved the way to fiber optic lines to be used is in every industry, even began to be used in natural gas pipelines and railway. It was in 1973 when Dr. Martin Cooper, the Motorola-owned corporation has developed its first mobile phone call using a portable phone, that is the Dyna-Tac. Then successfully completed the test, he was presented the New York public. It was in 1977, when the mobile phone has become popular among the people. It was first introduced models looked a little more frequently used ones, which were used to maintain two-way radio communication mode. At that time nobody could imagine that will be used by anyone. Mobile phones were small 'cells' of services, increase more call management device. Mobile phones can take part in an increasing number of calls at the same time in one area. But, first, primary cell service, but used an analog system technology, which has functioned continuously for 800 megahertz. Because over time, the industry increased the standard 1850 MHz computer. 1988 The Committee was formed, ie Cellular Technology Industry Association to develop guidelines and regulations for mobile service providers and mobile phone industry functioned development and growth. Today we have approximately 60 million mobile phone users, the majority of very wide range of services that just started working commercially only thirty years ago. Today, we use a digital cellular / mobile phones instead of analog phones. Digital technology 'pulses' in the form of transmit data. The advantage of digital signals is that they are more safe than they are transmitted to the analog contenders, and it provides better throughput and higher quality sound. You can even share videos and photos, surfing the Internet. All at the same time, integrate into their phones.
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