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by:Rayoptek     2020-12-13

Landline phones, which travels through the medium of a solid metal wire or optical fiber was an institution for decades, but they are slowly becoming obsolete. If you're not quite ready to say goodbye to your old friend may be enough to justify the reasons to keep him around for now.

Voice quality and signal coverage

If your landline phone is old Mr. Reliable, then your cell phone can be picky fern. From-the-go conversations, mobile phones were originally designed, they tend to get spotty signals inside the house. On the flip side, your landline more consistent voice quality, but it only works well in your home (or very close to, if you have high-performance wireless model). Watch mobile phone companies begin rolling cell signal extenders and mini-tower roof to help improve the signal.


Money motivates most people to cancel their landline phones. Mobile cellular telephone service is not cheap, and the dust collecting landline phone, you can start wondering why you pay so much. After all, many mobile phone companies are offering attractive family plans, which include all the bells and whistles like caller ID, voice mail and free long distance and the outshining of nickel dime plans on a number of Baby Bells.

Before you cut your cable, check to see if any household services require an active landline connection. For example, satellite TV receivers and home security systems can use your landline phone to transfer information to home appliances.


Landlines can also provide safety benefits that you will not get a cell phone (CPO) at home. The entire 911 system was designed around fixed-line technology. However, when calling from a cell phone, 911 points based on GPS technology to pinpoint your location within 300 meters. This method takes longer (the critical minutes of an emergency) and it does not help emergency responders find you high-rise apartment or office building. From the Federal Communications Commission estimates that third 911 calls from mobile phones, new adaptations can be a priority for many communities.

Another potential safety issue of CPO at home need to call an emergency when your cell phone battery is dead. Strategically the chargers at home, office and your car should be prevented. If you still need backup power to your cell phone, buy a second battery or buy a mobile charging device.


Fortunately or unfortunately, mobile phones give you access to the other end. They can reach almost anywhere you go home or not. However, it is CPO household may need quite a paradigm shift. If you are taking a shower or a dirty diaper change, which will answer that it is important to return the call? Leaving your phone with a spouse or child? If you have a big house, or you want to keep your cell phone on its side all the time, or you spend a fixed extension in every room?

Families, in particular, depends on the landline, think about the consequences of their children. Although they want to love your cell phone and a phone number, how can you make sure that their friends and parents have their own number as well? You never know when the parents will co-treatment, or to plan a birthday surprise.

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