Rack enclosures are built in standard sizes so

by:Rayoptek     2020-07-09
Space within server racks is always at a premium. Among the most useful accessories, therefore, are the space-saving Keyboard, Video and Mouse (KVM) drawers. Typical KVM drawers come with integrated keyboards, monitors and mice and often have a flip-up design for ease of access and use. They can also be customised to ensure that you get the most suitable product for your particular requirements. Good cable management is a vital aspect of the interior of your server rack and there are numerous accessories designed specifically to help you with your cable layout. Proper use of cable trays and ring cable management racks will ensure that your cables are tidy and accessible and will help you avoid the problems associated with a cluttered cable layout such as the possibility of overheating, signal interference or cable maintenance issues. Associated with good cable management, you will find that appropriate use of patch panels will facilitate the easy connection and disconnection of your various system components. It is of course essential to get power to your various system components. A good Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is, therefore, another must have accessory. Simply put, a PDU is a device that has a single electrical input but has multiple outlets so that power can be distributed to a number of devices. PDUs (which are sometimes known as power strips) come in a variety of current ratings (usually 10, 13 or 16 Amps) and in Britain have an operating voltage of 250V Ac. To ensure complete safety, they are also earth bonded. These vital accessories can be fitted either horizontally or vertically depending on the requirements of your system. Overheating is a major enemy of all server racks and can lead to system failure. Fan trays, therefore, are particularly useful and necessary accessories for your computer server cabinet. They help create good airflow within the cabinet and hence facilitate better cooling. Fan trays can be fitted into cabinet doors or on the side or roof of the cabinet, or else they can be located in open rack space. To improve the efficiency of your fan rack, it is also useful to install blanking panels as these help to maximise airflow. Given the number of designs available, there is sure to be a fan rack ideal for your system and they are an accessory that your system cannot afford to be without. Shelves are also a handy and versatile addition to your server rack. They are easily fitted and most shelves are vented to assist airflow. They are available in a number of types ranging from lightweight front mount shelves to heavy duty shelves capable of taking a load of up to 100kg. They can also be half width, full width or telescopic so that there is bound to be a shelf for you. These are just a few of the accessories available for your server cabinet. They allow you to customise your rack to your own requirements to ensure that your system runs in the way you want it to.
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