Refurbished Cisco equipment can match the quality

by:Rayoptek     2020-12-06

When it comes to quality, Cisco networking equipment is unmatched. Whatever you need, from the routers to the IP telephony, you can always procure Cisco products with conviction.

Yet, businesses hesitate to buy Cisco products, the reason being their costs. The start-ups and small businesses in particular face the pinch. Larger businesses have the resources to buy expensive equipment, but smaller enterprises just can't afford to buy the equipment, that would hit their finances.

However, no business, whether it is small or big, wants to compromise on the quality of equipment they use. They know well that if they use the inferior equipment, the level of their own services would come down, hitting their reputation. So, they have to find out a way to get quality equipment in the fraction of prices.

The right choice for them is the refurbished Cisco equipment. Such apparatus comes in half the prices or even less than that. As for the quality of the equipment, it is as good as the new one. You just need to make sure you have procured it from a reputable dealer. Such dealers will provide you with adequate warranty as well, removing all your apprehensions regarding such equipment. The warranty they provide usually matches the one provided by the original equipment manufacturer. So, you don't have any real reason to hesitate from buying the used Cisco products.

In case the equipment malfunctions, reputable dealers will be willing to provide a replacement. There is quite a competition among the dealers that provide refurbished networking equipment and they know well that if they fail to provide service, the clients have other options as well. This keeps them on their toes and ensures quality products for the buyers.

If you are not yet very sure about the quality of such refurbished products, you can purchase such equipment from the manufacturers themselves. The companies themselves provide such apparatus under their own refurbished networking equipment program. The benefits are that you receive the guarantee of full standards compliance. You are sure that the complete range of products is available. However, there is no substantial difference between the price of the new equipment and the OEM refurbished products. It makes the whole exercise not that lucrative.

You can reap the cost benefits while sourcing the equipment from the reputable third party dealers. As previously said, you need not worry about quality when purchasing from them as well. Such providers follow the industry recognized detection procedures to ascertain the quality of products they provide. Their team of experts makes sure that the equipment they deal in is of the optimum quality. They will put the equipment through rigorous test procedure doing away with any chances of clients receiving substandard products. And if there is quality issue despite that, they are always willing to replace the product.

You won't face any problem whether you are looking for Cisco switch, router or wireless equipment. You just need to establish that the supplier is in the market for some time and has an impressive track record and go ahead with the deal.

The writer is associated with Network Systems Resale, who provide refurbished Cisco security, routers, switch, IP telephone, wireless and compatible devices, etc.

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