Remote control technology has moved a long way

by:Rayoptek     2020-07-23
These modern wireless remote controllers are mainly used in industrial sectors to control the gigantic machines. The gigantic machines are actually needed to be handled with interference free control. The modern radio remotes are equipped with FHSS or Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Technology that enables them to prevent all types of electrical and radio interference. The main parts of the radio remote controls include a powerful transmitter and a handheld receiver control unit. Generally the signal is sent by the transmitter and the receiver unit can read and encode the signal accordingly. The transmitter used in the modern radio remote controls is very powerful and they can send signal from a great distance too. The transmitter mainly works with 56 bit DES encryption key transmission method. The frequency of the transmitter generally varies from systems to systems. However, the normal purpose radio remote controls have the frequency range of 433.92 MHZ. External antenna can also be mounted with the transmitter. The normal range of the antenna is 1000feet. However, high power is also available. Apart from the two main parts used in the Radio Remote Controls, there are other additional accessories used in these modern radio remote controls. Some of these additional accessories include: Hose Reel remote Control: Hose Reel Remote Controls are available for all types of hose reel unwind and rewind operations. The electrical interlock system of this Hose Reels generally prevents all types of accidental polarity reversal. Hose Reel Remote Controls reduce back injury as well as worker's compensation claims. It also allows more deliveries per day. They are also available for electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic hose reels. Auxiliary Fuse Panel: Auxiliary fuse panel is generally designed for your new or existing truck chassis that require additional fused connections. The fuse panel is enclosed in an IP55 rated enclosure which is sealed against weather and pressure washers. It also adds additional 10 Amp fuse connections under dash or on firewall. The system also includes built-in isolation relays for 'keyed and fused' power supply as well as battery connection cables and wire harness for six fused input/outputs. Auxiliary Fuse Panel is ideal for adding radio controls, work lights, GPS systems, and electronic meters to truck electrical system. Includes all required wire connections. Other System Accessories: Apart from the main components there are other system accessories too. The modern manufacturers offer a variety of machine interface hardware. These modular components have been engineered to 'quick-connect' with most wireless remote controllers ensuring years of trouble free service. Accessories include air solenoids, electric relays, hose reel motor reverser relays, electric and pneumatic actuators, pressure switches, and extended range antennas.
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