Sailwider the RCS - S09U is a compact and low-cost

by:Rayoptek     2020-07-03
The module integrates all functions and related RF components. By providing a few simple digital I / O interfaces, the module makes it possible with very little knowledge of radio technology users to easily develop secure and reliable wireless products. RF transceiver module is described in RCS - S09U: Low-cost high performance / price ratio In order to adjust freely in the production process Based PLL and zero IF technology Fast PLL lock High-resolution PLL with 2.5KHz step High data transfer rate up to the internal modem as 115.2kbps. Maximum data transfer rate up to 256kbps external RC filter Differential antenna input / output Automatic Antenna Tuning Programmable Tx frequency deviation from 15-240 kHz Programmable receiver bandwidth from 67-400 kHz Analog and digital received signal strength indicator (ARSSI / DRSSI) Automatic frequency control (AFC) Data quality detection (DQD) Internal data filtering and clock recovery SYNCHRON pattern recognition received SPI compatible serial control interface External MCU clock and reset signal output operation 16-bit receive data FIFO Two 8-bit TX data registers 10MHz crystal reference Wake-up timer To 2.2V - 3.8V power supply Low power consumption Standby current of less than 0.3uA Support for very short data packets down to 3 bytes Typical applications of the RF transceiver module RCS - S09U: Remote Control Remote sensor Wireless data read / collectibles Access control and security systems Automatic control Car alarm Toys Tire Pressure Monitoring System Sailwider Electronics is a professional and reliable manufacturer, R & D, manufacturing and services in one. The factory has passed ISO9001: 2000 certification, 20 district, 000 square meters, more than 500 employees. Sailwider has a well-molding equipment, SMT production lines, injection molding workshop, assembly line and R & D laboratories. In a strong R & D team with extensive experience in industrial design, graphic design, mechanical design and electronic design. Quickly understand customer requirements, and sensitive technology is the main reason Sailwider can establish long term business relationship with well-known brands. Sailwider quickly to keep the last few years in the international market performed well during this period, a pair of reliability, quality, service, and efficient solid name has Sailwider completed. Sailwider welcome every opportunity to work with you to cherish every opportunity to become your most reliable suppliers and manufacturers. Professional supplier of RF modules in China. Developer and manufacturer of specialized design and development of wireless data radio ODM, widely used in AMR, domestic and industrial remote control, security monitoring, the use of the data read module / collectibles
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