Simply put, a transceiver is a mix of a transmitter

by:Rayoptek     2020-07-15
When it comes to a radio transceiver, the receiver is kept in the silent mode at the time of transmission. There is an electronic switch that allows the transmitter and receiver to remain lined with the help of an antenna. This helps in preventing the receiver from being disturbed by the transmitter productivity. When a user is using this type of a transceiver, it is generally not possible to get signals when the transmission is kept on. This kind of mode is called a half duplex. Most often than not the transmission and reception takes place on a similar frequency. The modern day transceivers that are available in the market today have been created using various technologies. The prominent one is the Cisco GBIC transceivers that are hot pluggable. This feature enables an appropriately designed enclosure to be changed from a single type of external interface to another by just plugging a GBIC possessing an alternative external interface. Furthermore,Cisco GBIC transceivers are suitable for interconnections over the Gigabit Ethernet hubs. They are also appropriate for switches environment. Converter designs offer high-performance, point-to-point communications and are a practical solution that needs a fiber channel or gigabit interconnects. Other advanced features of such transceivers are as follows:- Renowned brands and market players offering Cisco GBIC transceivers have forayed into the market with initiatives to offer advanced quality products. They follow a competitive marketing strategy that leads them to generate better customer solutions. Furthermore, the products are environmentally friendly and do not result in any environmental degradation. These service providers also deal in advanced Cisco transceivers.
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