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by:Rayoptek     2020-12-10

The importance of OC3 is when you need the right bandwidth solution for critical business network applications. Basically, an OC3 circuit functions as a reliable fiber optic backbone for large networks to handle bulks of voice, data, and video transmissions over the local area network (LAN) or the much broader network known commonly as the Internet.

A very essential aspect in considering the OC3 is its 'burstable' factor, meaning, you may start with a smaller bandwidth and up-speed it as the need arises. A burstable OC3 works best for businesses who want faster Internet connectivity but don't need a full OC3 load capacity now but may need it in the future.

The biggest advantage of the OC3 is that it uses fiber optics technology which uses glass threads to send or receive data. When compared to the metal cable that traditional telephone systems use, fiber optic cable has the capacity to carry more data and can withstand interference unlike the metal cables. Lighter than metal cables, fiber optic cables can transmit data through digital means which means faster transmission as compared to the metal cable.

Because of its more advanced and superior transmission capabilities, the OC3 bandwidth solution can work at a faster rate, meaning, if you have a great volume of voice and data transmission for your business, you can handle it without fear of your system slowing down of lagging. Although an OC3 is more expensive, still, it's a worthy investment if you want to speed in data transmission. See, in today's fast-paced world, the demand for more speed in terms of uploading and downloading time and uninterrupted voice and video communications via the Internet has been greater than ever.

Large companies, especially those who have investments in other countries, would want to use the OC3 bandwidth to ensure that communication time between offices is fast and efficient. Slow transmission of data would mean losses for the company. The OC3 is also ideal for a large-scale Internet Service Providers or ISPs. Though the OC3 may be a little more expensive but given its advantages of one's business, investing in it should be cost-effective as efficient service means more revenues and satisfied customers.

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