Structured cabling is a company's telecommunications

by:Rayoptek     2020-07-07
In the infrastructure you will find subsystems included in the structured cabling such as backbone cabling, horizontal cabling, and telecommunications rooms. When the engineer looks over your building they will provide a quote that offers the design and installation of structured cabling that will be administered by a set of standards for data or voice communications. The standards will provide a scheme of the way the cable will lay to create a star formation. What this does is cause all the outlets to be terminated at a central patch panel which is found in the communications cabinet often in the telecommunications room which may be titled server room. From this panel, the engineer will choose how the connections will be used in the structured cabling scheme. Every outlet will then be able to be patched into the network data switch that will create a bridge into the telephone system which will turn the connection into a voice port instead of a data port. In most cases, your engineer working on the structured cabling may color code the patch panel so the cables will be easily identifiable according to the type of connection but this is not important with structure cabling procedures. In the cabling standards today, all of the 8 connectors in found in the Cat5, Cat5e, and Cat6 cable are connected and only use one cable for both data and voice. With structured cabling all connections come from individuals points all over the building to the central patch found in the communications cabinet. Structured Cabling is the answer to connecting everything in your network including data, voice, LAN, multimedia, WAN, ISDN, and ADSL. This also allows for easy changes or modifications. Puffin Solutions provides information on structured cabling, and network infrastructure,, They provide IT services to companies around the UK, increasing network speed or improving computer activity. With over 6 years knowledge, they can help with any computer network or computer system with engineers and consultants qualified to all levels including CCNA they can fully support our customers in the Specification, design, configuration and installation of their network infrastructure.
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