Telecom systems are increasingly important. Getting

by:Rayoptek     2020-12-04

Telecoms have really grown over the years. A full telecom system is now very complex and

can grow to include miles of cabling, dozens of different systems and plenty of complication. Therefore it is essential to know of the options available to you. Getting an expert in to provide your structured data cabling systems is often a daunting affair. There are a number of different options and the costs can be large. However, dealing with a proper specialist can result in a much more efficient system that saves plenty of money in the long run.

Failure to install structured data cabling in the most efficient way can lead to a telecoms system that doesnt function as well as it could. This can mean that you have to deal with slower systems and sluggish performance. This in itself can lead to a decline in the service that you offer to your customers. This can mean a poor level of service for your clients. Slow internet or poor quality phone systems can directly affect your business. Therefore the extra cost involved in having a true expert in structured data cabling can really pay dividends in the medium to long term.

In short, structured cabling is simply the professional term that is used to describe data and telecoms cable that links together. This linking together is what forms a network. For example, a dozen computers in an office may all link together to share a common database. This therefore forms a network. It is important that this network allows each user and device to communicate with each other as efficiently and fast as possible.

There has been plenty of advancement in the structured cabling industry. New procedures, products and leaps in technology have all contributed to an ever-evolving sector. Networks have become bigger and more complex than ever before. As more businesses rely on a growing number of computers and devices, networks have had to become bigger and faster. Many years ago a network may have consisted of as little as two different systems. Now this has evolved to a large number of businesses needing to connect literally hundreds or even thousands of computers and devices to a single network. This allows all users to share information quickly and efficiently. It also allows for additional security. This has also become increasingly important over the years.

There are a number of different telecoms options. You could use VoIP or an existing analogue system. VoIP often works out a lot cheaper and allows for calls to be placed over an internet connection. In this case calls are much cheaper in most cases, especially internationally. However, it does mean that for optimum call quality that you will want a competent internet connection.

Cat 6a and Cat 7 cabling will allow 10-gigabit Ethernet over 100 metres of copper cabling. This kind of cabling consists of four twisted copper wire pairs. They are rated for transmission frequencies of up to 600mhz. This can help to provide good quality structured cable solutions which result in speed and efficiency of your system. There is of course also the option of fibre optic links. This type of data cabling uses photons to transmit data rather than the traditional electrical pulses. This means that much higher speeds can be reached and data loss can be minimised. It also allows cabling to stretch much further than copper cable. This provides a great solution for larger systems or where information needs to be shared over longer distances.

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