The cable industry is facing a few challenges

by:Rayoptek     2020-12-11

Going further the cable industry should invest in good R&D facilities, creation of quality and pool of talent for manufacturing activities through collaboration with regional technical educational institutions. Over the next 2 years, stiff competition in the cable industry and pressure on bottom lines. This makes the case for investments in R&D and development of new products and markets critical for the cable industry.

Presently there is deficit in power generation target set by government and actual achieved. Thermal power generation is dependent on availability of coal and there is acute shortage of coal. It's a big challenge how government plans and acts to arrange for the required quantity of coal to improve power generation in the country. There is also a shortage of equipments required for power generation. The current challenge that the industry is facing is more from the aspect of operations rather than from policy. These challenges include ROW, reduced lifetime of cables due to mishandling, deployment times, complex tendering modalities, etc.

Increased industry consolidation efforts to establish a brand, bigger and stronger. At present, optical fiber and cable industry big but not strong contradiction, product differentiation is not obvious. Leading companies should enhance product quality and safety awareness, complete with their own strength and build the industrial chain, eliminate backward production capacity and production technology, using market means to start industry consolidation and market restructuring, the industry has laid a solid foundation for sustainable and healthy development.

Government departments should strive to create a fair competitive market environment. Government departments should earnestly concerned about India's enterprises in the domestic market in the core interests, including market access, play a role in anti-dumping, to ensure that our companies can compete in the market to get a fair deal. In addition, for some parts of the excess capacity, the momentum of disorderly competition, urgent needs to strengthen guidance at the national level, overall planning and layout of cable industry.

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