The crossover cable is a network cable that cross

by:Rayoptek     2020-12-13

Crossover cables can be used in both home as well as offices networks to connecting two computers. An Ethernet crossover cable has its send and receive wires crossed. The use of hub is very useful if the connection of several computers, and is much faster than a connection to any other cable. However, to connect together two terminals there is a technique that avoids the use of a hub.

Following are some steps to connect 2 computers with crossover cable

Take one end of the lan cable and plug up into the network Interface Card port of one computer. Do again the same process with the other end and connecting it into the other computer system. Make sure that both connections are protected.

Crossover cable is a variety of the Category 5 Ethernet patch cable. It looks almost same as ordinary Ethernet patch cable, but it will be labeled somehow so that you know it's a crossover cable.

At this point, make sure that all set up programs have already loaded. The network ports on both PCs are enabled in PCs. To do this click start then go to the settings, then go on Network and dial up connections. Be sure that Local area connection marked as Enabled.

Enter '' on the first computer when connecting to the second, and enter '' on the second computer when connecting with the first. This will work for any network protocols. After all the procedure restart the PC, make sure to reboot the other computer system as well.

Using a crossover cable is a wise decision in any kind of networking situation. The cable allows continuous information to computer simultaneously. This cable is best as a quick fasten for connecting two computers together, However, the specialized uses of crossover cables are quite important in the situations they are required.

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