The GBIC transceiver is a Gigabit Interface Converter

by:Rayoptek     2020-07-16
A GBIC transceiver comes with multiple sources agreement as per the industrial criteria's. This enables the manufacturers to save their money to set up their own standards and also resolve any compatibility issues as well. At the same time a GBIC transceivers also benefits the end users by supporting GBIC that makes it apt to be utilized in multiple kinds of GBIC transceivers from numerous suppliers. Furthermore, GBIC is hot pluggable and enables users to adjust connections depending on their requirements. Various product variants of GBIC transceiver and the latest Cisco SFP provide companies and service providers with the ability to set up a Fiber Channel and Gigabit Ethernet connection within their network with ease and simplicity. The Gigabit Interface Convertor is the standard for transceivers that gets plugged into Gigabit Ethernet and gets connected to a fiber optic network. The SFP however is for small form factor pluggable transceiver. GBIC transceivers are appropriate for any interconnections over the Gigabit Ethernet hubs and for switches platform. The converter designs are practical for high performance and point-to-point interactions that require gigabit or fiber channel interconnections. Some of the features of these transceivers are as follows:- 1.25Gb/s GBIC transceiver with RJ-45 interface Complies with GBIC Standard Revision 5.5 Auto-sense MDI-X, SCA-2 host connector Differential PECL inputs and outputs, TTL signal detect indicator Meets IEEE-802.3z and 802.3ab The advantages of Cisco SFP and GBIC transceiver are its scalability that uses only one strand to move up to about eight channels. The equipment works with a standard SFP and GBIC port. In addition to that, the CISCO equipment does not required be powered and even configured. It is a versatile equipment that enables multiple network configurations. Simultaneously, these products help businesses and service providers to maximize the bandwidth of a Gigabit Ethernet without making use of a new fiber.
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