The internet is fast, people are connected everywhere

by:Rayoptek     2020-07-12
The New York Internet Providers who are opposed to the development and progression of wireless fiber completely misses the point the use of this business internet. Fiber Internet is not designed with the concept about a single device streaming live television and video such as NetFlix or Hulu. It's about a society that is developing a hunger for technology. In a bold exaggeration, a person would even buy a toaster with Google Android or Apple iPhone device attached to a WiFi network. With the application developers and web enthusiasts, more applications, technologies, and opportunities with mobile and desktop devices are being developed. More people are moving away from the home desktop computer and utilizing their mobile devices as a means of communication. The New York internet providers opposed to business fiber or fiber internet are not taking into consideration the amount of devices that can be used on the valuable business broadband data network. With the increased mobility, people have grown to rely less on their home routers with their access to mobile devices. This theory has worked along with home television. The increased 'zero TV' household has relied less on cable and satellite television providers and more heavily on streaming video services such as NetFlix. People can watch NetFlix on their phones and tablets. With their power and bandwidth usage, the need for fiber internet, especially wireless fiber, has grown. Where is the balance between technological innovation and watching wireless television? More companies such as 'Kickstarter' and Made in NY' encourage the collaboration of creating television series, movies, which would premiere on these streaming networks rather than the larger networks such as CBS, FOX, and NBC. It's a more cost effective model for the talented but unnamed artists. Those platforms are often streaming alongside two to three computer connections including cellphones, tablets, and video game devices. A 15GB business broadband connection often means shared use pushes each device to just 3-4mbps. At the same time, the push to show, stream, and watch comes with the need for stronger business internet such as wireless fiber from New York Internet Providers. For more than just Americans, globally people are moving towards connecting their lives in a more complete technology manner, the need for faster shared speeds continues to increase. The role for business fiber and wireless fiber internet will require an increased investment from the likes of major New York internet providers with cost effective prices. People are in the need for high speed internet and society as a whole.
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