The SFP transceiver modules are generally hot-pluggable

by:Rayoptek     2020-07-06
It is recommended that users utilize the Cisco SFP transceiver modules only on the Cisco instrument. Every single SFP transceiver module assists the Cisco quality identification that enables a Cisco router or switch to indentify and authenticate that the transceiver module is examined and approved by Cisco. Over the past few years, manufacturers have made considerable advancements in the field of fiber networks sending data. Such transceivers have the capability to transform incoming and outgoing electrical signals. The industry has also set up a multi-source accord for a greater united technology. At the same time, there are certain specifications for the modules. These specifications are lesser in size but higher in speed than the former versions. Therefore, prior to purchasing such a transceiver, it is essential that you update yourself about this technology. Here are some of the selections that you might like to consider. With a GBIC module the fiber optic system and the Ethernet system exchange signals. GBIC refers to gigabit interface converter. A transceiver connects the network and fiber optic patch cords. Generally, this model is classified based on the optical power and cost. SFP is the latest version of GBIC transceiver and SFP refers to small form factor pluggable. They make use of the tiny kind of fiber interface and the body is way smaller than the conventional GBIC. The transmission rates for the SFP modules rank from approximately 100 mbps to 4 +gbps. Transmission can be done from 500 meters to about 120 + kilometers. At the same time, the modules are hot pluggable that makes them change fast and are easy to maintain at the same time.
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