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by:Rayoptek     2020-07-07
The R4I Card is making radical changes in the gaming world, because it is possible to load a number of games on the card without trouble. The accolades received from many technology specialists can speak volumes for its functionality and high-quality design. There are many benefits associated with using this card. An advanced degree of usability and strength describes its physical features in a good way. Are you a game freak? Do you love passing your spare times playing games? Then, a Nintendo console device will be surely a matter of great amusement for you. Yes, this is a tremendously advanced gaming device, which helps the game lovers experience a quality time by playing superb video games on their own place. Well, the best part of the device is it gets updated with time. Yes, with the passing time, the device is getting updated and advanced forms are being launched in the market. The R4I is a huge update over the R3. The R3 had some problems regarding space and cable management due to a lack of width, but Fractal Design listened and increased the size to accommodate. While at the same time keeping all the great features of the previous case. It really is an ideal successor. The EZ flash is another card that is fully compatible with the DSI V1.4 along with full support for all the features. Costing around 30 dollars it is an economical card for all the functionalities it delivers. The EZ flash comes with an interface very similar to the advanced PDA that is sleek and attractive. It is easy to use software too. The new DSi and the old fat NDS both are good for the EZ Flash. The technology of these flash cards ensures that you don't have to patch files, use passkeys or flash your system anymore. Source: SEOHK , SEO HONG KONG
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