There are several strategies to consider. First

by:Rayoptek     2020-07-05
1.Open Transactions Voiding. Voiding Requirements to the Voucher (Vendor Invoice, Finance Charge, Miscellaneous Charge, Return, Credit Memo) it should be posted, plus it must be hundred percent unapplied, plus the vendor should be temporary or active. If you are voiding Scheduled Payments, consider posting all of them in the future periods and then void them individually document by document, this procedure should result in wiping out Scheduled Payment from Great Plains PM (the procedure to void Scheduled Payments in Receivables Management module is symmetric, we can also help you with SQL scripting to remove SP from both AP or AR call us for details) 2.Historical PM transaction voiding. Here you are restricted to Payments, Credit Memos and Returns to be voidable if they have historical status (RM3XXXX tables, versus open status RM2XXXX tables). Additional observation you can void historical transactions only when you have Print Historical Trial Balance marked checkbook in PM Setup window, or have Maintain History by Transaction marked on the Vendor record (or if it is propagated from Vendor Class update) 3.Customization Tools and Options. The tool selection depends on the user interface. If you need to customize fat client (also exposed via Citrix or Microsoft Terminal Server or Remote Desktop in small organization). In Business Portal you naturally use Microsoft Visual Studio C# or VB.Net programming. In the case of old traditional fat client we recommend you to review GP Dexterity, eConnect, Modifier with VBA, Extender, Web Services for Dynamics GP, and probably Integration Manager 4.PM Module transactions workflow. Here we would like to mention just one nuance if you post your Vendor Invoice and apply Payment / Credit Memo / return to this document it is automatically moved to the historical tables (this is not the case, when you are in Receivables Management module, where moving transactions to history is done in Receivables Utilities) 5.Deleting the vendor in PM module. There are nuances to consider. First of all Vendor has its status: Active, Temporary or Inactive. If vendor status is active, you cannot delete it if the vendor has current balance (including POP transactions or Purchase Order Processing Module activity) 6.Notes for Dynamics GP or former Great Plains Dynamics International customers in Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Georgia, Russia, Romania, Italy, Turkey, Germany, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria 7.If you feel that your concerns are not addressed or your question is not answered, please feel free to contact our office. Support domestically in the USA, Canada, Mexico and internationally. This option is possible via Web Sessions, Skype or Phone conferences and direct visits onsite (in the case of the large scale project). Our consulting team speaks English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Filipino. Feel free to call us 1-866-304-3265, 1-269-605-4904, or email Andrew Karasev is Great Plains Certified Master, MVP, 1-866-304-3265, 1-269-605-4904. He is also the initiator of eFaru project and founder of Alba Spectrum information space
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