Today, internet users have several options at

by:Rayoptek     2020-07-13
Even individuals has become demanding. Watching live matches, downloading heavy audio and video files have become common tasks. All these chores need super fast connection which is provided by high speed internet providers. So choose your provider wisely. Check their credentials and look out for a company that is reliable, affordable and offers high-quality 24 X 7 technical support. Toronto ISP these days offer many value added services along with their connection plans. These freebies or goodies include free email account, web space and customized browsers, with an array of features such as parental control and secure surfing. Some ISP's even offer anti virus programs for free. The backbone of internet is largely dependent on copper cables. Copper cables over a period of time become porous due to the accumulation of oxides. This porosity leads to frequent breakages, spikes and inconsistent data transfer. These cables are also susceptible to external signals which hinder smooth data transfer. The data loss is irreversible. However, with fiber optic cable all the above mentioned disadvantages are over come. Fiber optic cable transfers data packets using light, which allows it to achieve mind-boggling speeds; in excess of 100Mbps. Another advantage with Fibre Optic Internet is security. It is difficult to hack or penetrate into a system supported by fiber optic cable.
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