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by:Rayoptek     2020-07-11
Fast food or gourmet? Off the rack or tailored? Sometimes when it comes to quality, a little extra time pays off in a very big way. That's why you hire the best staff, the best customer service reps and the best sales people. You count on them to make the most of their time, and your money by doing things right and efficiently the first time, every time, even if it takes a little more time. You expect precision and accountability in every other aspect of your business finally you can expect the same from your Internet connection. With dedicated fiber optics your files travel directly from your computer to the internet. No interruptions. No rerouting. With other options like DSL or cable your files get bounced across a variety of networks and cables before reaching their destination.When so much of your business relies on sending important information electronically, don't trust your business with anything but the best : optic fibers. LETS BREAK IT DOWN: THE TECHNOLOGY: You say 'redundant' like it's a bad thing. In your business redundancies may cost money, in ours it's what sets us apart. Our routers each have built-in fail safes in addition to back-ups. This means that your information will get where it needs to be quickly, securely and without excuses.Faster speed and increased reliability through optic fibers make it possible for you to offer the content and applications to the ever-growing number of smartphone users. Our seamless Internet connection is ideal for optimized for use with Voice Over IP telephony (VoIP) and online data backup among others. We make you look good! With crystal clear images and effortless HD content streaming, video conferencing never looked so good as with QITX's optic fibers . THE SERVICE: We don't wait for something to go wrong before we investigate. Constant system checks are run to help ensure that your optic fibers is never less than what it should be.We work your hours, guaranteed. Our tech support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure 100% uptime. Because what matters to you can't wait. Your needs are special and specific and so is our service. We offer experienced IT consultants to help you understand which connection speed will most benefit your business. THE ' YOU'LL NEVER KNOW HOW YOU LIVED WITHOUT THESE ' FEATURES: THE ADDED BONUSES: Some days you just need a little break. Our unmatched speed allows you to watch that hysterical new viral video and get back to work before your next meeting walks in. It'll be our little secret.
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