We often face the problem of slow internet connections

by:Rayoptek     2020-07-08
Now to talk about Cat5e patch cables, these are mainly used in Ethernet connections where you have to join a host of the computing device for better connectivity. Also, the connection of some sophisticated telecommunication platform including ATM is supported by these cables. The biggest advantage of Cat5e patch cables is that it allows high-speed data transmission smoothly. And it meets the cable related requirements of most Ethernet environments with ease. What makes the Cat5e patch cables widely popular is the fact that these cables have a run length of around 100 meter which is adequate enough for perfect cabling in a small or even medium size Ethernet environment. You can avail the Cat5e patch cables with both shielded twisted pair as well as unshielded twisted pair. Additionally, the twisted pair Cat5e comes in two different categories i.e. solid and standard. For supporting longer lengths, you can use solid Cat5 patch cables and standard Cat5 cables are more supportive for short distances and even for portable cabling. However, in recent times Cat6 and Cat6e patch cables are developed that gives run length of 550 mere and even up to 1000 meters respectively. But their drawback is that these doesn't work well will most of the network devices that a particular network use. In addition to it, these are brand-specific and work only with some particular software and hardware. That is why Cat5e patch cables are much more popular and globally accepted. Also, it is a reasonably priced option that easily supports high speeds. You can easily gather more information about the Cat5e patch cables over the Internet. Also there are many portals offering these at better prices. And you can do a bit of online research that will help you in getting required products at better rates.
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