What port of loading available for qsfp28 ?
A bulk of the period, Wuhan Rayoptek Co.,Ltd would pick the closest port to our warehouse. The port we select will always satisfy your price and transit demand. The port closer our warehouse might be the perfect method to maintain your cost down.

Rayoptek occupies the majority of the sfp28 marketplace using its exceptional quality and expert support. Rayoptek's active optical cable series include multiple types. Our dedicated and professional team guarantees the product to be of high quality and stable performance. The product comes with different connector types, such as HDMI, DisplayPort, USB, QSFP, and SFP. This product is easy to use. It is designed with international standard socket, and can be inserted and removed multiple times. With a small bend radius, it's easy to install.

Rayoptek brand will create an additional measure to develop the standard of support. Inquire!
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