When To Teach Your Kids About Computers

by:Rayoptek     2020-07-19
Parents usually begin teaching their kids how to read and write before they can speak. But how early is too early to begin teaching your kids not only the fundamentals of computer abilities, but computer programming, too? Well, a few experts are saying that even five year olds can comprehend the basics of computer tasks. At this age children have the cognitive skill set in place to get the basics of pointing and clicking a mouse which will quickly evolve into the knowhow of opening programs and beginning fundamental tasks on the computer. Cisco SFP modules and spread sheets may not yet be within their vocabulary, but at this stage, the idea is to have fun while learning. After kids hit age seven or so, or when they have started first grade, you can then start to incorporate more advanced programs for your child. At lots of afterschool courses there are computer learning classes, and local libraries offer weekend workshops just for children. These classes are made for children and integrate games , colours and silly examples to make it more engaging for the children. It is much easier for a child's developing brain to grasp new ideas than it is for the brain of someone in their thirties who already has set standard neural pathways. About age nine or ten, kids can grasp complex binary codes and decipher some computer program concepts. Once kids are showing this sort of ability, they then are able to decipher all sorts of computer related stuff like XFP modules and optical transceivers and their usages and differences, as well as the applications of optical fiber base designs. Many parents worry their kids will be further advanced in computer knowledge than where they are, but isn't this what you want for your child? To have it better and be smarter than you. A parent's job is to have their kid be more intelligent than them. Many children are not computer talents, but you still should get them tested for their propensity. Kids these days might be able to teach to you the importance of SFP modules and help you with your boardroom presentation. Even if they turn out not to be a computer genius, remember to support your child's talents wherever they might fall. The earth will always need artists and philosophers to question us as a society and why we need computers. For more info on where and how to begin your child's course to computer knowledge, check with your school for testing and also at your local library.
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