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by:Rayoptek     2020-07-07
The software bug comes at a delicate time when the giant Microsoft is blooming into the mobile OS, It is just now starting to gain market share, definitely at a slow pace. Meanwhile, Android's global growth appears unstoppable. One bad update won't shatter the year's long name and fame of the Microsoft chances of success, of course, but it also won't inspire much confidence into tech's early adopters, these people who could spread the word like the fire in the forest praising Windows Phone 7, and the quality of support that Microsoft needs to give a break to the Android juggernaut. Microsoft faces a frightening marketing challenge. When you're a bit player in the ultra-competitive mobile phone market, you can't afford to make so many mistakes. But that's what Microsoft did this week when it bring a pram software update of its Windows Phone 7 operating system to their mobile phone customers, an upgrade that unfortunately bricked some number of Samsung handsets. According to investigate firm The NPD GROUP, Windows Phone 7 has a 2% share of the U.S. And while that may sound exciting for a new platform-after all, Windows Phone 7 bears modest relation to Microsoft's older mobile OS--it's an inferior market share than that which was enjoyed by Google's Android. On the brighter side, Redmond's have announced a deal with Nokia, which plans to run Win 7 on its upcoming smartphones; this may boost the mobile OS's visibility among consumers. Definitely Microsoft needs all the help it can get. Windows Phone 7 may be a better smartphone OS, but more glitches like this week may possibly damage the marketing trend and impose a greater threat to Windows Phone 7.
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