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by:Rayoptek     2020-07-09
Cat5e patch cables are available in various colour options with unbolted, booted custom patch cables available make it extremely convenient for people like you who are looking for some easy and convenient cables to suit all your networking needs that will enable you to enjoy all the facilities provided in any electrical device like computers and laptops. The patch cables are built with wiring configurations to support more bandwidth for a superior transmission of data flow with no outside interference. These are basically four twisted pairs of copper wires that are safely placed into high quality PVC jackets to minimize any risk of breakage or cracks in between. All the cables available at our online stores are built to suit every parameter that is set up by standardised authorities and is also certified under the TIA and EIA. All cat5e patch cables are connected with RJ45 plugs which are highly advanced standardised plugs with 50 microns gold plated wires. This ensures that there is a smooth and continuous data flow for long periods of time without any interruptions. These are extremely highly advanced cables that have an almost negligent near- end crosstalk or NEXT and therefore are the most preferred connectors to be utilised in all domestic and most commercial sectors. There are patch cable lengths available right from 1 foot to 100 ft. These are perfectly suited for connecting any computer to any switch, hub or router. Since these are convenient options for computer connections in households and even in hotel rooms, you can easily choose to opt for this particular variant of cabling to install within your home or office with right guidance provided by professionals like experts available at our online stores. The cat5e patch cables that are available at our stores are truly in compliance with all international standards set for such cables. The norm followed by almost everyone to connect their electronic devices is to seek expert advice so that each device can be utilised with maximum facilities. So, be careful while opting for just any cable for your electronic device and ask for genuine and reliable experts who have years of experience and proficiency in every area of cabling and various options available for cable connections to avoid any kind of disappointment. Even though there are far more highly efficient cable connectors available these days like the cat6 and cat6a, the slightly older version patch cable is still more in demand due to the backward compatibility it provides with the highly advanced cat6 and cat6a cable connectors. If you have advanced electronic device that you have just invested in, there's no need to worry as the cat6 or cat 6a cable required for it can easily be connected to any of your older device which might require or already have the cat5epatch cable.
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