Yes, you can afford a Verizon FiOS package, because

by:Rayoptek     2020-12-12

Optimize Your Home Entertainment with Fiber-optic Technology

Verizon FiOS utilizes the most advanced fiber optic technology on the market to deliver lifelike and stunning high-definition TV and reportedly the fastest Internet in the U.S. Thousands of tiny fiber-optic strands carry massive amounts of data through to your home, giving Verizon customers lightning fast broadband access. According to, speed tests have rated FiOS as the fastest Internet available domestically.

The FiOS technology also gives customers the highest quality in Digital Voice, which is a telecommunications service that gives customers crystal clear voice quality along with advanced calling features and voice mail. Fiber optic systems resist bad weather much better than coaxial or copper cables, so you can be sure that your HD cable and Internet will continue to work, even in a thunderstorm.

Finding the Right Plan

You can customize your plan to suit your needs. If you really love ultra high speed Internet, but only want basic HD cable, there's a plan for you. If you want all the special HD channels including extra movie channels and international cable access, there's a plan for you. Verizon's website offers a wide variety of plans for customers who have specific needs.

You can even get the full package for a very attractive price. There is one coupon currently online that gives customers Verizon FiOS Internet for $49.99 per month. Verizon also includes a free wireless router and no activation fee with this deal. If you just want the basic high speed Internet, you can get a coupon that gives you Verizon high speed Internet for $19.99 per month...and this price is guaranteed for life!

Of course, you can also build a total home entertainment package by combining Verizon FiOS TV and Verizon FiOS Internet. Did you know that there's a coupon out there that gives you BOTH FiOS HD TV and FiOS Internet for only $69.99 a month? For 3 months you'll get access to the ENTIRE FiOS Movie Package, including movie channels such as HBO, Cinemax, and many more. Remember, this includes access to over 18,000 On Demand movies and hundreds of HD channels. There's no activation fee, either.

If you take a one-year contract, you can get both FiOS HD TV and FiOS Internet for $89.99 a month, and this includes all of the special HD channels as well as a Free Multi-Room DVR for six months. You actually save about $480 with this deal, because you get unlimited access to FiOS TV and you get the highest download speeds available on FiOS Internet.

Additional Features and Benefits of FiOS Internet and TV

Verizon FiOS also provides easy and uninterrupted access to popular sites such as YouTube and Facebook. Using your TV screen, you can access Facebook, Weather Bug, NBA League Pass, ESPN Fantasy Football, Sudoku, HSN, Associated Press, and much more. All of these are delivered to your TV in stunning high definition. You also get the Verizon interactive TV guide, plus remote DVR access and many other features.

If you are considering getting any sort of Internet or TV package with Verizon, make sure you search online for Verizon coupons. There are many opportunities out there for you to save money on your purchase. There is no need to spend extra money when there are specific affiliate sites that will give you deep discounts on Verizon packages.

Put in a bit of effort and find those coupons. You can save more than you would imagine, and you'll have one of the best packages in town.

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